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Welcome to our website

Welcome on L’AMI. L'Amicale Maurice-Israel (L'AMI) stands for mutual friendship and respects between the two countries. This friendship stands like solid rocks. It is a non- profit organization which has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The aims and core values of the association are promoting mutual exchanges in spheres like cultural, scientific especially farming and agriculture "Israel is a Human Laboratory that the world recognizes for its contribution to society".
Ensuring a strong and stable connection between the people of Mauritius and Israel L'AMI is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation and non-profit organisation as well). It consists of a group of individuals who have unconditional love for Israel. We are non-political individuals from different fields who seek to promote, support and bridge friendly and human relations between our two countries on mutual respect, multi-dimentional cooperation, cultural understanding and to benefit from Israel which is the world's leading technology-bases start-ups and SMEs and in scientific and agriculture and medical fields. Being an independendent and non-political that is not related to any government, we are not in charge of any official diplomatic relations between Mauritius and the State of Israel.
We shall build a better world with the bonds of brotherly love
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FRIENDSHIP & CULTURE The ties and friendship between L'AMI and Israel were first established and cemented more for than 50 years ago. Mauritius and Israel are both multi-cultural societies, and both encourage and value unity in diversity. We believe culture builds bridges and unites people and diverse communities gain more through cultural exchanges. Furthermore Mauritius has an emotional bond with the Jewish people since the World War II, when over 1500 Jews were deported to and imprisoned in Mauritius. Read more >>
ECONOMIC TIES & EXCHANGES L'AMI supports Israel in all aspects. Mauritius and Israel have full diplomatic ties. The Israeli Ambassador for Mauritius is based in Pretoria; the Mauritian Ambassador responsible for Israel is based in Cairo. We look forward to the strengthening of our economic and cultural ties with Israel. Read more >>