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A great adventure started in 1961, when Clovis Vellin, a Tutor at the Teachers Training College of Beau-Bassin in Mauritius obtained a scholarship to follow a three months Course on the co-operative movement in Israel. On his return, Clovis, who had already some experience in agriculture was so fascinated by the Israeli Miracle that he launched in 1962 the Young Farmers Movement. His Love’s Farm at his residence in Beau-Bassin became a national curiosity and an inspiration for the emerging Mauritian Nation. Israel was also proud of his realization that a very warm relationship took place and several young Mauritians were to benefit from studies graciously offered by the State of Israel. Mauritius being a British Colony at that time needed badly skills and expertise in different fields as the Island of Mauritius was to acquire Independence in March 1968. The greatest support in 1963 came from the Israeli Ambassador in Madagascar; His Excellency E. Rippin who became a close friend to both Clovis and Sir Veerasamy Ringadoo, the then Minister of Finance. And in December 1966, Clovis along with all those having studied in Israel created the Association and named it Amicale Maurice-Israel (AMI).


Over the years: MASHAV and the Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel played an important role in the carrying out of various studies and empowerment programs. Agriculture, Industry and Entrepreneurial were the most privileged sectors. Many officers of the different Ministries as well as Cooperative and Trade Union Leaders benefitted from training and leadership courses at the Afro Asian and other Institutes in Israel. Today, these beneficiaries are the leading persons in the political and social life in Mauritius. Just to name a few: Mr Keerpall Jawaheer acceded to the post of General Manager of the CWA while Late Prof. Edward Lim Fat introduced the Zone Franche concept. Israeli experts also came over to share their expertise for specific projects and their services proved to be most useful. Messrs. Giladi, Graff, Sneh, Zur and Rekha will always be remembered in the health and farming communities.

More information in the “ Archives of L’AMI ” of Mauritians who received scholarships and Training from Israel

Close Relationship

Naphtali Regev who incidentally was born in Mauritius during the Second World War when his parents were detained in the Central Prison of Beau-Bassin by the British Authorities has been appointed Honorary Consul of Mauritius in Israel. There is useful information on the Beau-Bassin Jewish Detainees Memorial & Information Centre found on the  website of African Jewish Congress. Several Ministers of Mauritius had the opportunity to pay official visits to Israel. In 1999, a piece of State Land was granted to the AMI in Curepipe and a Cultural Centre was built to serve as the seat of the Association. In 2009, the AMI Centre was re-named Soopayah (Baby) Curpen Centre after the death of the then AMI President and Honorary Consul of Israel in Mauritius. The AMI Centre is also privileged to host the only synagogue in Mauritius where the Island Hebrew Congregation (IHC) under the leadership of Mr Owen Griffiths celebrate its religious ceremonies.